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KAL 902: Extreme case of state cynicism
In 1978, Korean Air Lines (KAL) Flight 902 with 110 passengers and crew on board was cruising routinely from Paris to Seoul when navigational equipment apparently malfunctioned.....Soviet commanders, fully aware that it was a commercial plane, gave the order to attack. Crippled but still under power, the jet plunged from 35,000 ft. to 3,000 ft. before leveling off. It crash-landed 45 minutes later on an ice-covered lake. The Soviet authorities never owned up to the attack. Instead, they totted up the expenses of rescuing the survivors, including food and lodging for three days and transportation from the crash site to Murmansk, and blithely submitted a bill for $100,000 to the South Korean government. The Koreans did not pay.

TIME, magazine Monday, Sept. 12, 1983


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